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i like programming :) | Top 2000 Writer on Medium | Author of A Beginner’s Handbook to Python

No experience required!

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Packages and Setup

# In CMD or terminalpip install plyer# In projectfrom plyer import notification

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What are they?

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The Bare Definition

Turning a seemingly trivial problem to a challenging one.

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  • If you encounter a number which is divisible by 3, print Fizz.
  • If you encounter a number which is divisible by 5, print Buzz.
  • If you encounter a number which…

What’s trending?

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What are related queries?

Think like a computer!

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Captivate your users

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1. Keep it simple!

For beginners!

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  • How to host your static website on Github Pages for free!
  • A static website to host!

Adding files

For beginners!

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  • How to implement memoization in a Fibonacci function.
  • Nothing!
  • Knowledge of a programming language.

What is Fibonacci?

First 5 numbers of…

with Python!

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  • How to convert a video to text using IBM’s Watson API and Python
  • Python installed on your computer.

Packages and Setup

# In command line or terminalpip install…

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